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The Pillars - Joint Project

3 stone sculptures in the heritage precinct

Officially opened 17th October 2001, the "Pillars" sculptural monument was funded by the Queensland Government through the Centenary of Federation Queensland initiative. The project came to fruition through the combined effort of the Rotary Club of Goondiwindi, local councils and the community.

The name Goondiwindi originates from the aboriginal meaning 'resting place of the birds'. The Macintyre River has been central to the township of Goondiwindi. The earth, rain and river have drawn prospertiy, industry and people to this gethering place.

The landscaping that surrounds The Pillars is a symbol of the vitality the water and river have provided to this township and region.

The 3 pillars represent the dynamic eternal trinity of past, present and future, as well as remembering the founding setlement at the bullock camp where three grazing properties joined. The pillars also echo the majestic river gums so prominent in the landscape. The top section of each pillar has relief carved water birds - heron, ibis and spoonbill. The middle sections represent river, rain and crop-lines.

Chris McKenzie designed and sculpted The Pillars in the grounds of the Goondiwindi State Primary School from March to July 2001. The sandstone come from Helidon on the Darling Downs.

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